What if your teacher didn't give you a hand-out and you're not sure what the exact question was?

Hopefully your teachers will give you written instructions for your assignments. Sometimes, however, they're prone to writing assignments on the chalkboard or to giving oral instructions. If your teacher wrote on the board - write down the instructions and follow them the same way you would follow a hand-out. If the instructions were verbal, write them down and then check with the teacher. You should make sure that you understand the instructions before you leave the room. If you are reading this page and haven't done this - it's not too late! Either try to remember what the teacher said (and write it down) or look at the notes you did take. It's also a good idea to confer with other students from the class - hopefully someone will have actually paid attention! If you are completely lost - ask your teacher. Do not, however, wait until the date the assignment is due! Contact your professor beforehand!