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This is freewriting used in conjunction with the essay "Kandinsky's Spirituality". To see the complete essay go to Kandinsky's Spirituality.

When reading note how the ideas flow into and through each other and the lack of proofreading...

Topic = Kandinsky and Spirituality

Since reading and thinking about Kand and Theos. Branched off in somany ways, I have learned and experience a lot as a result - but not wtoward my paper.

& so...-
I don't even want to think about K anymore becuase I don't know where to start....which makes it terribly difficultt o get a good paper together.

Kandinsky's interest in spirituality largely defines his idea s of the role and fuctions of ar tand artest. His spiritual influences include
Although primarily associate with the spiritual influence of Theosophy, K was never a member of the Theos. Soc. Nor did he claim to be a theosophist. Was probably more infl. by M. Blua, but his writings indicate other aspirations.Implicitly and explicitly. A wide range of other inspirations and influences. K;s eclectic incorporation of sourceds into his own ideas, decontextualizing and reworking them to serve his purpsoe, reflect his [dictum?] that art must have absolutte freedom so that the artist may express his "inner need" the ends justify the means, so to speak.

See it through his art and artists around him too. Mondrian, , Malevich, and people like Hegel.

It's also making me think about ideas of spirituality - re-opening my mind to the concept, and not necc. Religions.

To see another way the author generated ideas and tried to make some order out of them, go to Mapping and look at the example.