WTC: A Sample of brainstorming

A sample of brainstorming

This is brainstorming used in conjunction with the writing of the paper "The Influential Environment" by Rachel K. Riggs. See the full paper by going to The Influential Environment.

Topic = Places affect people

Faulkner's people in Mississippi

  • Ethan Frome - cold New England makes cold New Englanders
  • Algeria in Camus
  • Tom Sawyer changed going down the river
  • Marlow changed going down the river in Heart of Darkness
  • Kurtz eaten by the jungle
  • Meglomania
  • Appocalypse Now
  • Marlon Brando
  • Out of depth
  • Landscape shows psychological interior
  • Ocean is the unconscious in Jung
  • Rivers are movement and progress
  • Stagnant water
  • What is beautiful to one might be terrifying to another
  • Forrest as cage or web
  • Forrest as sanctuary
  • Africa/Europe contrast of natural landscape versus overpopulated unnatural landscape
  • Imperialism - taking of the land

From here, Rachel could then choose parts of the brainstorming and use them as headings for more brainstorming. By doing this she can delve further and further into her ideas and find a cohesive set of ideas to build her essay with.