Description of the on-line WTC

What is it?
The on-line WTC (which you are using right now!) is the new extension of the Writing and Tutorial Center. Rather than replacing our live services, we hope the on-line WTC will provide information and tutoring help that adds to what we can offer in person.

What does it offer?
We aim to provide information about the live center and how to use it, tutoring help for writing essays and other writing projects, assistance with your grammar and study needs, and hopefully even a little entertainment. We are also excited to be able to offer you a thorough guide to approaching and creating a writing assignment from beginning (getting the essay question) to end (handing the paper/project in.) This is a new site and we are constantly expanding - keep looking for new offerings and feel free to give us suggestions for pages you would like to see.

How to use the On-line WTC.
The site is divided into several categories to allow you quick and easy access to the information or help that you need. There are two main ways to use the site - you can click onto pages of your choice to find specific types of information that you need, or if you wish to use the site to create an essay assignment it is best to follow the site's pages in order starting with the How do I write this paper category. The essay creation and editing part of the site is written in a specific order to help you generate then shape a project. Please try to follow the order to help the process work.

Please remember...
The on-line WTC is in addition to not instead of the live Writing and Tutorial Center. Please feel free to come and use all of our services. (see Description of the real live WTC.)

Description of the real live WTC
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