How to do the first draft (more helpful version)

Have your notes, your plan, and any other resource materials (ie the poem you are quoting from or an article you have to refer to etc.) you may need infront of you. If you have done your planning and preparing on a computer, it is best to print out those materials or to tile your pages so that you can see them while you are working. Now that you are ready, sit down and try to write the draft all the way through in one go. Don't fuss or worry over any one part of it yet. If you can let yourself get into the flow of writing, your words will come more easily, and you are more likely to find connections between the ideas. Don't rush: Let yourself explore the ideas as you go. Don't worry, either, over any particular paragraph. Try to get the whole essay out of your head and onto the page.

A lot of people get stuck on the introduction . If you are one of them, how about jumping to the first paragraph and going from there? You can go back later and write the intro. Similarly you can skip any of the paragraphs while writing the first draft. If you get stuck, move on then go back to work on it in the second draft/editing stage.

The main idea (trick) is to write the essay as a flowing whole and to really let the ideas and words splash out onto the paper. At this stage of writing, DO NOT spend time fixing anything. DO NOT change anything. DO NOT even consider bothering about your spelling or grammar. You will fix and change in the next stage. (See Editing and rewriting.)