Freewriting is the ultimate tool if you just don't know what to do! If you are blocked, or your ideas are simply too tangled up to put down in a list, freewriting is for you. If you have an idea in the back of your head but just can't quite pin it down, this is the technique that will pull that idea out. Freewriting is also a method for developing a small hint of an idea into a fully grown one. Freewriting is a little like fishing - you cast out with your pen, and then you let the ideas swim to you... but they won't come if you don't start fishing for them!

How to freewrite
The key to freewriting is to not think in your head. Do not think before you start - just pick up a pen and write... write on the topic if you can, and if you can't, just write anything and try to get there eventually. Write full, flowing sentences (freewriting looks like paragraphs, not like a list.) When you freewrite you do not need to worry about correct punctuation, grammar or spelling. The point of this kind of writing is flow, not correctness. Don't re-read what you've written until after you've finished; we want to get your ideas spilling out of you... if you worry about if they're written down "right" then you are not letting them flow.

A sample of freewritingFAQ

What to do with your freewriting afterwards...
Now that you have written down your ideas you are ready to go through them and pick out what you want to develop.
One method you can use is called mapping.
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