Meridian Maps

Program Type:Internet Utility

Included:yes, disk#3

Created with: SuperCard, CompileIt, PhotoShop

Description: First program of its type for creating Image map files

from images on a Macintosh. It excepts PICT, JPEG, GIFF, MACPAINT

file formats and can output the information to either a text file or to

the clipboard for easy pasting into your HTML file.

With this application you no longer must createa map file

information by typing in the code information and run it through

multiple converters to create a map you can do it with a point and

click interface that every Macintosh user knows. In the program you

can create the shapes point by point or use some of the canned

shapes in the "ShapeChanger" palette to expedite the completion of a

web map, changing size, shape and URL is simple as a button click or


To download a copy click me