FileMover/Floppy Eraser

Program Type: AtEase Utility

Created with: HyperCard, SuperCard

Description: The two utilities were created to elevate some

problems found in using AtEase in a school environment.

The first problem was that the students couldn't erase any disks,

thus Floppy Eraser became the bridge between the normal system

and the AtEase locks. A simple program that when activated scanned

for floppies the asked if you really wanted to erase it, if so it deleted

all files on the disk.

The second problem was that students had to work from a floppy

disk. AtEase had no way of allowing students to copy files to and

from a hard drive while protecting the other files. FileMover was a

simple device the would allow students to copy work to and from a

specific folder on the hard drive and only that folder. The students

could copy and delete any number back and forth from that folder

but still had no access to any other areas on the hard drive.

To download a copy click me