Linda Lauro-Lazin has been exhibiting her artwork for more than 25 years in the U.S. and Europe. She began as a painter and photographer. She has been using digital media since 1986. In October 2006, she was invited to the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Photography to lecture about Electronic Art with Jasia Reichardt. Ms.Reichardt focused on the early days of "Cybernetic Serendipity" and Ms. Lauro-Lazin focused on the current trends in Electronic Art.

Ms.Lauro-Lazin was selected to be the Art Program Chair for SIGGRAPH 2005. In her capacity as SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Program Chair, she coordinated an international juried exhibition "Threading Time" of more than 100 digital artworks and 20 digital videos and animations. She curated the digital works of six significant contemporary artists. She organized a symposium of three digital arts panels, five art papers and a series of artists talks.She co-curated international, multi-site live performances. She also co-curated SIGGRAPH's first exhibition of Concept and animation production artwork.

Ms. Lauro-Lazin's artwork has been included in "Art in the Digital Age" an authoritative book on Digital Artwork by Bruce Wands released in 2006 by Thames and Hudson. She contributed to "Caffeine for the Creative Mind" by Mumaw and Oldfield - published by HOW Publishers, 2006. Within the past few years her artwork has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria and on the Rhizome website.

She is a Fulbright Scholar, receiving the Fulbright Lecturing/Research Award for her work in Macedonia in 1998-1999. In 2002, Ms. Lauro-Lazin received the Pratt Institute Faculty Development Grant to develop eight large format digital prints of her “Veiled Woman” series. In December 2006 she was a Juror for the “See Our Shorts” NYC Graphic Artists Guild - Short Animation Festival. She served on the SIGGRAPH 2004 Web Graphics Jury and Art Sub-Committee, and the 2003 Sketches committee. Ms. Lauro-Lazin was also the Art and Interactive Media Sub-Committee Chair for the SIGGRAPH 2002 Sketches. She also chaired several Art Sketches at the SIGGRAPH conferences in 2002 and 2003. In 1996, Ms. Lauro-Lazin curated a well-received exhibition of computer graphics at the Muroff Kotler Art Gallery. She has lectured on her artwork, computer graphics topics & applications. She has actively taught, both students and professionals, for 19 years. She has been teaching at Pratt Institute since 1994. Linda resides in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband and two sons.