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We are delighted to announce our new SILS Fellows Program 

This new program is designed to support outstanding SILS students
who have demonstrated leadership potential and academic excellence in their area of focus within the MSLIS degree. The program supports field experience, research and international studies and encourages our students to be reflective of professional practice as expressed through practicum and research projects.  The program provides students with a new and special opportunity to demonstrate excellence in the LIS field and enables SILS to recognize outstanding students in a way that advances their careers, enriches their learning experience and prepares them to be leaders in the information professions.

SILS Fellows Program Fund Drive -  we invite your participation.

Applying for SILS fellowships - 2008.
Up to 15 fellowships will be awarded. Students wishing to apply must submit the fellowship application form along with a 2 page essay and a letter of recommendation from a SILS faculty member in your chosen area of study.  Fellowships will be awarded for summer and fall 2008.  Fellowships are awarded for a student's last year of study.
Click here for the fellowship application form

Named fellowship awards are in the amount of $3,600, all other fellowships are $2,550.
Awards are applied toward a student's tuition and 
are made based on a student's academic record and achievement at SILS. The selection process is highly competitive.  

Types of Fellowships

1. Named Fellowships:
These are linked to specific institutions and or to corporate funding.  
In this category we have several opportunities and we expect this list to grow:
  • Elsevier Fellowship for UCL-SLAIS Summer School 
  • Courtauld Institute Art Library Fellowship - London  (one internship and one research fellowship)
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - one Fellowship
  • Twining Fellowship: Florence
  • H.W. Wilson Fellowship: London (Summer School, UCL SLAIS)
  • Nasser Sharify Fellowship for International Librarianship
2. Practicum Fellowships:  a student applying for this fellowship proposes a practicum site that must then be approved by the Dean.  Although approval is on a individual basis, students are expected to propose practicum sites at high-level institutions recognized for excellence. Students in this program must register for LIS 698 and meet the requirements of that course and must include a letter from the proposed site supervisor which details the nature of site work and its significance.

3. Research Fellowships: Up to three research fellowships will be awarded.  Students in this program must register for LIS 699. Besides meeting the regular requirements of the independent study, students in this program are required to produce a research paper of at least 10,000 words) or a project and paper (5,000 words). The independent study form must be signed by the supervising faculty member.


SILS Fellows Fund Drive
The Fellows Program offers a new and rewarding opportunity for you to support SILS
so that we may recognize and support student achievement and advancement.

We welcome your contributions to the SILS Fellows Scholarship Fund.  Your contribution goes directly to fund student fellowships. This is an ideal way to make a meaningful contribution to  SILS and make a difference in a student's life and educational experience while strengthening career potential. Each year at graduation, we will hold a reception for the fellows and donors to recognize your important contributions and so that you can meet with fellows and learn about their experiences. Your participation is essential to the program's success and we are confident that you will find this a truly rewarding program.  The Fellows programs brings new emphasis to international studies and student research both of which support our students to become leaders in the information professions.
Support a SILS Fellowship by contributing to the fellowship fund  -
You can choose from the following options:

    $3,600 -  Support a SILS named fellowship in the program area of your choice.
    $100,000 - establish an endowed fellowship to be
    awarded each year.

    $25 and more -  contribute to the SILS General Fellows Fund.

For further information, please contact the SILS office.
If you would like to discuss the endowed scholarship program, or the sponsorship program,
please contact the Tula Giannini, Dean of SILS - 212-647-7682 -