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Information sheds light on knowing and doing - 
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Museum Libraries Certificate Program
preparing museum librarians for 21st century leadership in global cultural environments 
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 research/ curatorial - Degas reading
The Program's Four Pillars of Knowledge
  Research*    Digital Tech.*  Education*   Practicum*
four pillars of knowledge
digital learning
education and outreach
and digital technology
cultural informatics
program description
required & recommended courses
museum library practicum 
recommended electives
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A new and innovative program designed for students considering careers in museum libraries and related cultural institutions such as research and academic libraries. If you can envision yourself working in today's dynamic information environment as a leader in the museum field able to: forge new connections between museum libraries, both real and virtual, and users, integrate digital collections and services with physical places and resources, and provide user education and outreach in global networked environments, then you will find that this program will prepare you to meet these challenges.

Program Description - a certificate program within the MSLIS or post master's.
This 12-credit Advanced Certificate in museum libraries can be taken as part of a student's MSLIS degree or as a post master's certificate for those holding an MLS from as ALA accredited program.The Museum Libraries Certificate Program resides within Pratt-SILS 36-credit MSLIS degree program and consists of four 3-credit courses(12 credits), each representing one of four required areas of study that we identify as the program's four pillars of knowledge and skills: 1)research/ curatorial  2)Digital Technology  3)Education and Outreach  4) Field Experience (Practicum).  Responding to student interests and demand, the curriculum addresses new trends of the profession within today’s global contexts and digital landscape, so that program graduates will gain the knowledge and skills needed to work in a wide range of professional positions, not only in museum libraries, but as well in research libraries, academic libraries and libraries of various cultural institutions.

The curriculum, developed over several years, is supported by a rich array of courses and strengthened by our partnerships for LIS education with NYPL, Research Libraries, and the Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art.   At the heart of the program, is the practicum that serves to connect theory with practice and includes a culminating project.  Full time faculty holding PhDs are responsible for the programs foundational knowledge and skills, while the part time faculty, recognized leaders in the museum library field, bring invaluable expertise.

As the first such program, it brings focus to emerging commonalities between museum and research libraries evidenced by expanding roles for librarians in education and outreach, digital resources and services, and information systems. Importantly, its curriculum transforms the education of museum librarians by defining the full range of knowledge and skills librarians will need to advance the mission of libraries in museum and cultural institutions today. 


Required Courses for the Museum Libraries Certificate 12-credit program within the MSLIS presented according to the programs four knowledge areas

1. Research/ Curatorial -
select one course from the following five:
2. Digital Technology - select one course from the following five:                         
LIS 629 Museum and Library Research at the Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art LIS 665 Projects in Digital Archives                          
LIS 667 – Art Librarianship LIS 680 Educational & Instructional Technology
LIS 696  Institute on Special Collections at NYPL, Humanities & Social Sciences Library (HSSL) LIS 693 Digital Libraries
LIS 686  Performing Arts Librarianship at NYPL, LPA, Lincoln Center LIS 643  Information Architecture & Interaction Design
LIS 697 Florentine Art & Culture: Resources & Documentation - Summer course in Florence, Italy LIS 697  Web Design & Production
LIS 697- Museum Librarianship -
for fall  07.
NEW - LIS 697 Pratt-SILS and University College London, SLAIS - Summer School on E-Publishing: a 3-credit course and First Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing, London - Summer 2007, June 18-29.
3. Education & Outreach -
select one ourse from the following two
4. Practicum 
LIS 674  Museum Education Libraries & Resource Centers 
LIS 698 Practicum/ Seminar - four sessions with culminating project
LIS 675 Museum and Library Education and Outreach at NYPL, HSSL

Recommended elective courses that enrich and support the required program:
LIS 623 Online Databases:  Social Science & Humanities LIS 632 Conservation & Preservation
LIS 634 Absgtracting & Indexing
LIS 642 Thesuarus Design & Construction
LIS 662 Advanced Cataloging and Classification LIS 695 Photography Collections  at the International Center for Photography (ICP)
LIS 663  Metadata, Description & Access   LIS 696 Art Collections at NYHPL, HSSL
LIS 696 The Art World, Business & Information at NYPL, HSSL. LIS 696 Map Collections at NYPL, HSSL Map Division.
NYPL, HSSL = New York Public Library, Humanities & Social Sciences Library (42nd Street)
NYPL, LPA   = Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center

Museum Library Practicum Course:

The practicum gives students high-level professional experience in museum libraries as well as libraries of related cultural institutions such as research and academic libraries.

For detailed information on the practicum course visit the SILS practicum Web site

Course syllabus and culminating project.

Art Museum Libraries - Imagine

Program Application -  Print the application, fill out and and sign.  Submit completed form to the SILS office in person or by mail.

Contact InformationFor questions of further information contact:  Quinn Lai, Reserach Assisntant,
A program under the rubric of Cultural informatics - defined at the intersection of culture, information science and digital technology, it is approved by and registered with New York State, Department of Higher Education