School of Information and Library Science in partnership with University College London, Department of Information Studies announces E-Publishing Summer School 2009 and 3rd Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing, London, June 15- 26.  The program is open to LIS  graduate students and librarians nation-wide.  Pratt-SILS - 144 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
University College London (UCL) Department of Information Studies (DIS) 
Gower Street, London - WC1E - 6BT - 
E-Publishing Summer School and Centre for Publishing at University and the 
3rd Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing and E-Publications - London, June 15-26, 2009          
Course & Conference UCL
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University College London campus - Library

University College London 
Located in the Heart of London in the Bloomsbury district recognized as a world cultural and publishing center, UCL, DIS offers the ideal environment in which  to immerse yourself in the study of e-publishing in the digital age from a broad range of perspectives - from publishers, librarians, and scholars to general users.
Room Reservations:
Once students are accepted in the program, each student must make his/her reservation with UCL housing. (Students may make other arrangements if they so choose). The accommodation is for a single room as described (right When reserving, students choose between a single room with English breakfast at a cost of £30.80 per night (recommended), or  without breakfast at a cost of  £27.50 per night. Breakfast is served in Ramsay Hall close to Astor.

*Since rooms at Astor College are on a first come first serve basis, in order to assure your room reservations, please book as soon as possible. At the point where rooms are no longer available at Astor, students will need to make their own arrangements for accommodations.

To make reservations students
contact Cherril Fontaine on either 020 7387 4537 or 020 7679 9272 

Cherril Fontaine
Ramsay and Astor Halls
20 Maple Street
London W1T 5HB
Tel : +44 (0)207 387 4537
Fax : +44 (0)207 383 0843
web site:

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Astor College on the UCL campus - student accomodations
Astor College Residence Hall
99 Charlotte St., London. W1T 4QB
A purpose-built, centrally heated residence within five minutes walk of the main UCL campus. There are 250 places in carpeted rooms with washbasins and each room has its own refrigerator. Facilities include TV lounges, piano, a common room, squash courts, gymnasium and launderette. Each room has a computer data point.
Nearest Underground stations: Goodge Street, Warren Street, Tottenham Court Road.

Applying Credits:
Students may apply this 3-credit course toward fulfulling requirements for the archives certificate and for the museum libraries certificate and
for where is may be applied toward area 2 - digital technology.

The London summer program is open to students enrolled in graduate programs or holding graduate degrees in library and information science, the arts and humanities , interested in research in the Art and Culture of London. We encourage students to apply as early as possible as a maximum of 16 students will be accepted to the program.  
Click for application form.
CONTACT: for further information or quesitons email Dr. Tula Giannini, Dean Pratt-SILS:  
or call the Pratt-SILS office: 212-647-7682.
Information to Include with application:
Fill out the application form and include a resume indicating undergraduate degree, graduate study and or graduate degree(s), related work experience and a statement on professional goals and your interest in the London program.
Your full name, address, e-mail and telephone number.
Send application and materials to: Pratt Institute, School of Information & Library Science, 144 West 14th Street -
6th floor, New York, NY 10011.
Deposit - Once a student is notified of acceptance a $400 deposit will be required to hold a place in the course.  The deposit will be applied toward the course tuition.  
Full Payment - Payment in full is due by April 20.

Tuition - $2,700 (the cost of three graduate course credits at Pratt-SILS) and an international student fee.
Pratt International Program fee: $200
Housing - see under accommodations

RT Airfare to London:  Students make their own arrangements for travel to London.  Thus, students will be able to accommodate their individual travel needs such as those of students traveling from locations other than New York.  Students are encouraged to book early and to use agencies that offer student fares or other special rates.  
Estimated RT airfare New York/ London - $750.
For students in the Florence course traveling to London, Easy Jet and Ryan Air offer inexpensive fares.  
Pratt Summer School students with UCL faculty, Prof. Dawson 
:  This course offers students the opportunity to pursue their studies in LIS in London at UCL DIS where they will have the exceptional opportunity to work with the school's faculty recognized internationally for their cutting-edge research and innovative Master's degree programs that prepare students to meet the challenges of the information professions in the digital age.  During the course, students learn from lectures, demonstrations and site visits presented by UCL, DIS faculty and leaders in the publishing and library field.

We Invite you to explore the summer 08 program. 
Click on links for the course and conference with UCL DIS to view a detailed a description of last year's the course and conference:

The program for the 2nd Bloomsbury conference:
Focus of Study: Today, electronic or digital publishing is at the center of the information professions as it cuts across the full range of information contexts and environments. Whether you are interested in digital archives and libraries, journals and scholarly communication, collection development, networked information, information policy, academic, public, or museum libraries, you will need to understand e-publishing as it now transforms the relationships between all constituencies of the our information society. What will be the future of e-books, what new publishing models will emerge as dominant, and how will open source effect the publishering industry? Importantly, you will hear leaders of English publishing, such as representatives of Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Macmillan, of public institutions such as the British Library and National Archives, as well as UCL faculty speak to these questions and issues both in lecture sessions at UCL and on visits to publishers, archives and libraries in London, Oxford and Cambridge. 
Cambridge and Oxford Trips: these are day-long outings- students will visit the leading publishers of each city and in Oxford will also visit the Bodleian Library.
The Faculty: The course is taught by UCL, DIS faculty, leaders in information science and associated with UCL's Centre for Publishing which focuses on research.  Through faculty lectures, you gain insight into the emerging field of e-publishing through a UK and European lens.  Some of the program's key faculty are:  Anthony Watkinson, David Nicolas, Andy Dawson and Ian Rowlands. 
Course Schedule:  
*Plan to arrive by the Sunday (June 14) 
before the program begins.

Week 1 begins Monday, June 15 at UCL -
June 15-19: Lectures sessions and visits.
Weekend - June 20 & 21 - free time
Week 2 begins Monday, June 22.
June 23- June 24: Lectures sessions and visits


Thursday, June 25 and Friday June 26.
Centre for Publishing University College London, 3rd Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing and E-Publications.
The 3rd Bloomsbury Conference, summer 09, will follow the format of summer 08.

Course Project:  Each student is required to do a course project. Projects and project topics will be based students' studies, participation and experiences of the course and conference. Students will complete the project (paper or digital) once they have returned.  The project is due no later than three weeks after the end of the course.  
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