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Graduate Bulletin for 2007-2008 - see SILS  on pages  53-59.
information sheds light on doing and knowing
Information sheds light on knowing and doing - 
iDEA school
information Design, Education & Art
Enter the world of art, museum & academic librarianship - Study at Pratt-SILS in Manhattan, world cultural capital - Carry-out art historical research -
Create digital libraries, archives & exhibitions as part of our cultural informatics program

Art books and journals, print and digital, are essential tools for art historians and librarians alike.
NYPL - Humanities Social Sciences Library - 42nd St.
Courses are taught at NYPL Research Library, 42nd St including: Art Collections, Map Collections, Special Collections and the Art World, Business & Information.

At the intersection of art, information, digital technology and information science

This  60-credit dual-degree program prepares students for careers in academic librarianship as they graduate with two masters degrees. With studies in the real and virtual world of art and information, and art and museum librarianship, students find challenging positions in museum, academic and libraries, historical societies, information industry and new media
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Christine de Pisan (Epistle of Othea c. 1460)  the first female writer to earn a living from her peN and to argue for women's rights.


Museums Art Global Interactive Networked Environments

Through the dual-degree, students become art historians and librarians and are able to carry out art history research.  They learn to design information systems and networks, use digital technology, apply the theories, research and practice of information science and use the Internet and Web to convey meaning and communicate content effectively and creatively in the arts across diverse cultures and societies of today's  global digital landscape.   Graduates of the dual-degree program have achieved positions with leading educational and cultural institutions such as: New York Public Library, Bard College Library Cooper-Hewitt Library Art Institute of Chicago, Princeton University and East Asian Library, Columbia University.

Among LIS schools, Pratt offers the most in-depth course offerings and programs in art and museum librarianship.  Collaborating with New York's great cultural institutions such as NYPL research Libraries and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, students learn on location at the finest art and museum libraries, special collections and archives for authentic learning.

Course requirements -
Master of Science in Library & Information Science
The MSLIS and MS/ HA require 30 credits each for a total of 60 credits. All courses are 3-credits. Course requirements -
Master of Science
History of Art &Design
Core Required Courses - 12 Credits
LIS-651  Information Professions
LIS-652  Information Services and Sources
LIS-653  Knowledge Organization  
LIS-654  Information Technologies
See the Pratt Institute Bulletin (Catalog) for more program information, faculty biographies and full listing of courses and course descriptions.
Click here for the
For History of Art, see pp. 60-63 and pp.169-176; For SILS see, pp. 72-75 and
pp. 188-200
Core Required Courses - 9 credits
HA-602  Art Historical Methodology
HA-650  Material Techniques and Conservation (usually held at Brooklyn Museum Conservation lab)
HA 605  Thesis   (Foreign language requirements must be completed before registering for thesis)
Recommended Electives from three categories-
18 credits (six 3-credit courses)

Art & Information

Art Librarianship
Museum Librarianship
Performing Arts Librarianship at Lincoln Center Library
Art Collections at NYPL, HSSL
The Art World Business & Information at NYPL, HSSL
Museum & Library Research at the Watson Library
Special Collections at NYPL, HSSL
Florentine Art & Culture: Resources & Documentation (summer program in Florence Italy)

Knowledge Organization
Advanced Cataloging
Meta Data, Design & Access
Abstracting & Indexing
Thesaurus Construction & Design

Digital Technology - Information Design and Interaction
Information Architecture
Projects in Digital Archives
People-centered Design and Interaction
Information Systems and Networks
XML & Applications

Scholarships and
Fellowships for Art
and Museum Librarianship:

Students pursuing the dual-degree or students entering SILS with a master's in art or a related field are eligible to apply for speical tuition and stipend awards for their second year of study (note - merit scholarships are avaiable for the first year of study).  These include:
  • Courtauld Institute, London - Internship and two art research fellows.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Internships and one research fellow.
  • NYPL Research Libraries - Internships.
Other Courses must fulfill distribution requirements in:
  • Film/ Design/ Photography
  • Non Western design art and history
  • Architecture
  • Ancient/ Medieval World
  • Renaissance / Baroque
  • 19th / 20th / 21st centuries
Note: a course may fulfill more than one requirement.

Students in the dual MS/ MS degree program in the generally take one or two classes in each program, each semester (3-4 classes a semester) to complete the program.
Dean Giannini at Giverny, France - home of Claude Monet - garden lily pond.