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information sheds light on doing and knowing
Information sheds light on knowing and doing - 
iDEA school
information Design, Education & Art
Centre for Cultural Informatics
CCI focuses on research in usability, human computer interaction, cultural heritage description and access and  digital archives and libraries in global information environments.
CCI features two studio labs:

Cultural Informatics Studio Lab located in room 609.

, Digital Archives Lab under construction located in room 606 for digitizing rare books and manuscripts.  

The labs support faculty and student reseach, teaching and learning in the diverse field of cultural informatics.   

SILS students working in CISL on usability
Students working in the CISL on usability testing projects for Professor Walczyk's course in Usability Leadership.  
Cultural Informatics @Pratt-SILS - where culture, digital technology and information science converge to develop innovative programs and curicculum.


The Digital Difference

SILS students continue working in the CISL on usability projects.  Truly dedicated to the field, the day is Sunday, November 18, 2007.

Cultural Informatics Perspectives: Ways of knowing and ways of doing are being deeply impacted by digital technology from the perspective of individuals, institutions, societies and global communities.  The way in which we view ourselves, and create images of self, are too mirrored through visual culture and expressed and influenced by digital communication and knowledge transfer.  Cultural informatics studies this dynamic state of cultural transformation on both the macro and micro levels.  For information professionals and scientists, this means  research in human computer interaction, information design and interaction, technology in education and learning, and importantly, the conveyance of meaning through digital media.  As cultural heritage is digitized at increasing rates and being  made accessible broadly, the past converges or perhaps collides with the present causing unprecedented juxtapositions of diverse cultures in a sea of mass communication and world cultures across an unbounded digital universe.  
At Pratt-SILS we are responding to these challenges of the 21st century information landscape through our program in cultural informatics.