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Pratt Institute, School of Information and Library Science
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Publications and conference papers since becoming dean in 2004
Partnership and Fellowship Programs Initiated
Publications and conference papers from appointment at Pratt in 1998 to 2004
Teaching and professional positions prior to Pratt Institute


Ph.D. in Musicology, Bryn Mawr College, 1986
Scholar in Music Award (full tuition and stipend)

Lillie Siep Memorial Prize in Musicology
Whiting Fellowship (1984-85), 12 month grant to complete dissertation, research at the  Archives Nationales and the Bibliothèque Nationales, Paris France.  (Fluent in French)


M.L.S. -Master of Library Science, Rutgers University, 1988.
Areas of concentration and professors - administration, Prof. Betty J. Turock: academic libraries, Prof. Hendrik Edelman; information retrieval, Prof. Tefco Saracevic.


M.M., B.M. - Master and Bachelor of Music, Manhattan School of Music.
Full tuition scholarship and stipend, flute performance major, principal flute, Manhattan Orchestra, studies with Harold Bennett and Julius Baker


Associate Professor, Pratt-SILS, 1998 to present, tenure granted 2003



Publications and conference papers since becoming dean in 2004

Book:  (2007) Great Flute Makers of France: the Lot and Godfroy Families (1650-1900). Japanese translation, London: Tony Bingham, (First published in 2003.) Illuminating French musical life and institutions, it utilizes research methodologies of both social and cultural studies and integrates a wide range of new material (textural documents, 17th and 18th century music prints, theoretical works, musical instruments, and iconography: painting, sculpture and engravings), from which a fresh and detailed historical picture emerges.

(1993) London: Tony Bingham (245 pages, 98 plates).
A comprehensive corpus of new information documenting the history and work of the two most important families of French flute makers.  This profusely illustrated book, based on primary source material, makes a major contribution to our understanding of the social and musical contexts in


"…a rich mine of new information... Giannini's splendid archival research provides a history of French flute playing and a comprehensive study.  Graduate students will find an exemplary model for archival work in any field."   Choice, March 1995, pp. 1130-1131.



Competencies for Art Museum Librarianship: Teaching on Location at the Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art in Core Competencies and Core Curricula for Art Library and Visual Resources Professions.  Art Libraries Society of North America, 2005.


The Music Library of Jean-Baptiste Christophe Ballard, Sole Music Printer to the King of France, 1750 Inventory of his Grand Collection Brought to Light.  2003 Indexed in RILM ; 

When Private Libraries and Lives Converge.  2005


Book Chapter:

Frédéric Triebert (1813-1878), Designer of the Modern Oboe: Newly Found Archival Documents Featuring the Inventory and Auction of his Musical Instrument Enterprise in

Liber amicorum Isabelle Cazeaux Symbols, Parallels and Discoveries in Her Honor, The Festschrift Series No.19, Pendragon Press.  April 2005.

Frédéric Triebert (1813-1878), Designer of the Modern Oboe: Newly Found Archival Documents Featuring the Inventory and Auction of his Musical Instrument Enterprise.


(Left, Photograph of F. Triebert, Triebert Catalog, 1855.)

Abstract: Frédéric Triebert was the dominant figure in oboe making in France for almost 40 years, 1842-1878.  The oboe he designed and manufactured defines the modern oboe.  This paper presents newly found documents from the Archives Nationales (Minutier Central, AJ 13-Opéra, and AJ 37-Conservatoire), and Archives de Paris which reveal for the first time in great detail the Triebert instrument enterprise and workshop, his German origins and family ties with prominent French makers. It sheds new light on his family relationships and unconventional personal life as inseparable from his musical life while inscribing a social milieu defined by friends, customers, marriage, his reed maker mistress, business partnerships and successors. His protégé, François Laurée, established the Laurée firm and maker's mark which is found today on oboes played by professionals world-wide.  Instruments by Triebert are cherished possessions of museums, collectors and performers. Their diverse key systems display his remarkable ingenuity for design, also evident in his patents.  He developed the modern oboe as not only an instrument of immense technical capabilities, but also as one which succeeds equally in capturing the oboe's Gallic authenticity and characteristic orchestral sound. 


Book in Progress:

Based on research in Paris at the Archives Nationales, Bibliothèque Nationales de France, Archives de Paris and Musée de la Cité de la Musique, I am working on the forthcoming book:


The Flute in France, New Documents and Perspectives - under contract with Scarecrow Press. 

Through archival and special collections research producing new documentation, this book brings to light the history and artistic achievements of French woodwind makers, players and composers such as Hotteterre, La Barre, Blavet, Devienne and Tulou.


Le Fluteur

Antoine Coysevox, 1707,
Musée du Louvre




Conference Presentations:


Program chair for the Association of Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) 2009 Conference in Denver, January 20-22.  Conference theme: Transforming LIS Education for the 21st Century, i-CREATE (information-Culture-Research-Education-Arts-Technology-Experience).


Preparing Information Professionals for the 21st Century: A New Paradigm for the Digital Age.

Keynote speaker, Special Libraries Association, Credit Suisse, September 2007Beyond Real and Virtual: LIS and Cultural Informatics.  New York Library Association Annual Conference, November 2004.


Recruiting Librarians and Faculty: Two IMLS Funded Projects - Public Urban Library Service Education, Brooklyn Public Library in Partnership with Pratt-SILS.  ALISE, January 2005.

Learning on Location: Curriculum and International Contexts: Pratt-SILS Summer Program in Florence, Italy. ALISE, January 2005.


Presentation on Panel of Deans of New York LIS Schools on - The Future of Library Information Science Education -  sponsored by the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). November 2004.


Virtual User Services in Real Libraries.  PULSE Knowledge Seminar.  February 14, 2005.


Pursuing a PhD - Is it for me? Presentation for the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), Professional Development Series, April 22, 2005.


Member editorial board of the journal ASLIB Proceedings published by Emerald.


Book Reviews in peer-reviewed journals


II Flauto Traverso: storia tecnica, acustica con II flauto nel Novecento by Emilio Galante and Gianni Lazzari.  The Galpin Society Journal. 2007.  pp.267-169.


The Flute by Ardal Powell, MLA Notes. September 2004, pp.150-153.


GRANTS: Grants written and submitted by Giannini to the Federal Agency -  Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) - to recruit minority students and support partnerships for education.

chart-logoProject Chart 2011-2014 (Cultural Heritage, Access, Research & Technology) Pratt-SILS in partnership with Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Historical Society and Brooklyn Public Library.  The project prepares information professionals as digital managers for cultural heritage institutions.  Award, $961,401.00  See IMLS  Prject CHART details at::


M-LEAD – 2008-2011 – A partnership with the Brooklyn Museum for Museum Library Education.  http://sils.pratt.edu/museum-lead.html  Award - $946,324

The program provides 30 students, 10 students per year over three years, internships at the Brooklyn Museum focusing on work in the Museum Libraries, Archives and in the Digital Lab.  M-LEAD students graduate with an MSLIS and a museum libraries certificate.  The grant supports each student for an internship with stipend, tuition for the certificate and other benefits for a total of about $13,500 per student.

Brooklyn Bridge - GATEWAI to learning

GATEWAI – Graduate Archives Training and Education: Work and Information – 

2005-2008 – A partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society for archival studies. http://www.pratt.edu/newsite/xfer/sils/gatewai/

Award - $591,206

The goal of GATEWAI was to recruit minority and low-income students and to graduate them from Pratt's MSLIS degree program with a certificate in archives.  Under the rubric “GATEWAI” – Graduate Archives Training and Education: Work and Information,” 30 students received about $11,500 each in tuition scholarships, stipends and study materials


Partnership and Fellowship Programs Initiated:


Introduced the SILS Fellows Program in 2007 Providing Fellowships of $3,600 and $2,500.

http://sils.pratt.edu/sils-fellows.html   This program supports outstanding SILS students for field experience, research and international studies and encourages them to be reflective of professional practice as expressed through practicum and research projects.  Summer 2008 fellowships supported students taking the London and Florence programs as well students doing internships: a           3-month internship in Zambia, Africa with the Lubuto Library project, and a 6-week internship at           the Courtauld Institute Library, London.


            Coordinator and Founder, SILS Partnerships for LIS Education:

 The New York Public Library Partnership features on-location courses taught by NYPL Research librarians and curators. The program includes 6 courses: Special Collections, Art Collections, Map Collections, Performing Arts Collections at Lincoln Center, the Art World, Business & Information and Ephemera Collections. 



Metropolitan Museum of Art, Watson Library on-site course, Museum and Library Research. (1998-present). 


            International Programs: 


Summer Institute in Florence 2004, Florentine Art and Culture, Museum & Library Research & Documentation; Conservation of Rare Books and Manuscripts with the Saci School of Art Florence, Italy.  6-credit program, 4 weeks.


London Summer School and Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing in partnership with University College London, School of Library, Archives and Information Science,  Two-week program in June.


            Practicum / Seminar: 3-credit course with research project.  About 20 students fall,

            spring and summer do internships at cultural and corporate institutions in NYC.


Publications and conference papers from appointment at Pratt in 1998 to 2004 


Articles:  Information Science  


Comparing Information Seeking Behavior in Real and Virtual Environments. Information Today, 2002, Collected Presentations.  Medford, NJ:  Information Today, pp.21-31.

As online resources expand in scope and depth, most researchers, whether in the humanities, social sciences, science or business, begin research online.  Important differences between online resources accessible in real and virtual environments challenge users to develop new strategies for finding information.  As a result, information seeking behavior (ISB) is being transformed to accommodate a new research landscape.  This study measures quantitatively and qualitatively the ways in which a user's online search strategies and outcomes are impacted by differences in information environments, and is designed to compare a user's ISB in the real (the library) and the virtual (home or work).  As libraries plan for the future and reconfigure information services to best accommodate users, understanding how users connect and integrate print and digital resources in both real and virtual environments will be crucial to creating new and workable research environments. 


Virtual Libraries on the Web, Dream or Reality?  Studying the Impact of Information Architecture on Users in Real and Virtual Environments. Proceedings, National Online Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2001, pp.169-182.
This article looks at information architecture in the context of libraries and library users for the purpose of measuring quantitatively and qualitatively the impact of information architecture (IA) on user outcomes in terms of information retrieved as well as environmental factors that affect user experience.  User interactions with IA through a virtual library on the Web are measured against user interactions with IA in a real library, where the user's initial information needs are defined in the same manner for both settings.  The tension between real and virtual library environments creates a dynamic connection that defines a sense of place for users who move through time and space from one to the other. 

Web Information Communities, Gatekeepers, Gurus and Users, Defining New Relationships.  Proceedings of the Twenty-first National Online Meeting,

 Medford. NJ: Information Today, Inc., 2000, pp. 119-128.


Modeling the Reference Process Online.  Proceedings of the Twentieth National Online Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc. 1999, pp.133-143.  Presents a new model of reference, and supporting research.


Rethinking the Reference Interview, from Interpersonal Communication to Online Information Process.  Proceedings of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science, Knowledge: Creation, Organization and Use.   Medford, NJ: Information Today Inc. 1999, pp. 373-380.


Information Receiving, a Primary Mode of the Information Process.  Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science.  Information Access in the Global Information Economy.  Medford, NJ: Information Today Inc., 1999, pp. 362-371.

All the Knowledge in the World, an Exhibition Celebrating the New Bibliothèque Nationale de France, from the Real to the Virtual, Comparing CD-ROM, WWW and Print Representations.  Proceedings of the Nineteenth National Online Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information today, Inc., 1998, pp. 153-162.


Articles: Historical Musicology:


The Music Library of Jean-Baptiste-Christophe Ballard, Sole Music Printer to the King of France, 1750 Inventory of his Grand Collection Brought to Light. 2003.  RILM.

J.B.C. Ballard printer's mark 
from Percée, 2nd  Edition, 1719

The Ballard family of music printers held exclusive royal privilege for printing music in France for over 200 years beginning in 1551 with their association with Adrian Le Roy.   J.B.C. Ballard's vast collection of musical works listed in his inventory after death, numbers almost 1050.  Described meticulously over 45 pages, it is set alongside the 100 pages of music titles found in his music store.  Surprisingly, his library includes a stunning collection of Italian music by both well-know and obscure composers which accounts for about percent of the collection.  This study presents the complete transcription of the music library inventory with statistical collection analysis.  Other archival documents on the Ballard family recently discovered by the author add important historical data.  Together, these shed new light on music repertoire during the French Baroque.


The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, London: Macmillan Press, 2001.  

Nine articles on French musical wind instrument makers:
1. Hotteterre family, 2. Lot family, 3. Godfroy family, 4. Jacques and Christophe Delusse, 

5. Jean-Jacques Rippert, 6. Charles Bizey, 7. Prudent Thieriot,  8. Dominique Porthaux and son, 9. Pierre Naust.


A French of Dynasty of Master Woodwind Makers Revealed, Bizey Prudent and Porthaux, their Workshop in Paris, rue Dauphine, St. André des Arts, ca 1745-1812: New Archival Documents.  AMIS Newsletter.  February 1998.


Jacques Hotteterre le Romain and His Father, Martin: A Re-Examination Based on Recently Found Documents.  Early Music, Oxford Uinversity Press, Vol. 21, No. 3, French Baroque II. (Aug., 1993), pp. 377--395.


Conference papers and presentations:


(1998 January)  ALISE Annual Conference, chair and presenter. "Knowledge Representation for Archives in a Multimedia World.”


(1998 April)  American Musical Instrument Society.  Annual Conference, Pomona, CA. 

Peer-reviewed paper, "A French Dynasty of Master Woodwind Makers Revealed, Bizey Prudent and Porthaux, their Workshop in Paris, rue Dauphine, St. André des Arts, c1745-1812: New Archival Documents."


(1998 May)  National Online Meeting, New York.  Presented juried paper.  All the Knowledge in the World, An Exhibition Celebrating the New Bibliothèque Nationale de France, From the Real to the Virtual, Comparing CD-ROM, WWW and Print Representations.


(1998 October)  ASIS Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.  Presented juried paper.      "Information Receiving, a Primary Mode of the Information Process.


(1999 May)  National Online Meeting, New York.   Presented juried paper.
Modeling the Reference Process Online.


(1999 November)  ASIS Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.   Presented juried paper.

 Rethinking the Reference Interview, from Interpersonal Communication to Online Information Process. 


(2000 May)  National Online Meeting, New York.  Presented juried paper.  Web Information Communities, Gatekeeper, Gurus and Users, Defining New Relationships.


(2001 May)  National Online Meeting, New York.  Presented juried paper.

Virtual Libraries on the Web, Dream or Reality:  Studying the Impact of Information Architecture on Users in Real and Virtual Environments.


(2001 November)  Juried paper presented at Library Research Seminar II, University of Maryland.  Online Searching - Does it Matter Where:  Comparing User Research Experience and Outcomes in Real and Virtual Environments.
Online searching is at the heart of the research process especially since traditional reference sources from dictionaries to indexes and abstracts and an array of other bibliographic tools are, for the most part, online.  The trend is clearly toward greater virtuality in the form of fulltext sources online.  User expectations and preferences are fueling the rush to create entire virtual collections.  How will these development effect users of libraries?


(2002 May)  Paper presented at the National Online Meeting, Information Today 2002 Conference, Comparing Information Seeking Behavior in Real land Virtual environments.


(2003 January)  ALISE, Annual Conference: Co-Chair, Curriculum SIG.  Innovation and Process in Curriculum Development: Considering the Core and Humanities Concentrations.


(2003 November) New York Library Association Conference, Saratoga Springs.  Panel presentation, What Happens When Faculty and Students Collaborate on LIS Research?


(2004 April) Art Libraries Society of North America, Annual Conference, New York, panel presentation on the future of LIS education for art librarians.


Sound Recording

A concert in commemoration of the 70th birthday of Nicolas Flagello.

Credendum (Wei Tan, violin ; Cullan Bryant, piano) -- Furanna (Tula Giannini, flute) -- Nocturne (Satsuko Nagata, violin ; Peter Vinograde, piano) -- Prelude, ostinato & fugue (Peter Vinograde, piano) -- Dante's farewell (Lynne Vardaman, soprano ; Marc Peloquin, piano) -- Piano sonata (Tatjana Rankovich, piano) -- La bella aurora (Vahan Khanzadian, tenor).

Manhattan School of Music, 1998, one sound cassette, analog, stereo., Dolby processed. 


Professional Organizations
ASIS&T    American Society for Information Science and Technology
ALA          American Library Association

ALISE       Association for Library and Information Science Education

                   Galpin Society, UK

SAA           Society of American Archivists   
SLA           Special Libraries Association



Pratt Institute: Service on Committees, 2008-2009

·         Strategic Planning Committee.

·         Development Committee to the Board of Trustees

·         Institute Budget Committee

·         Dean’s Council

·         Institute Core Committee on Governance with external consultant

·         International Affairs Committee:



·         Full tuition scholarship and stipend, Manhattan School of Music.

·         Scholar in Music, Bryn Mawr College, full tuition scholarship and living stipend.

·         Lillie Siep Memorial Prize in Musicology, Bryn Mawr College.

·         Whiting Fellowship, Bryn Mawr College, one year study in France to complete dissertation.

·         Faculty Research Grant - Catholic University, summer, 1996.

·         Grant-in Aid, Pratt Institute, summer, 1999.



Prior to Pratt Institute:


Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, 1993-1998
School of Library and Information Science
The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. 
Teaching areas, courses: 

·         Information Sources and Services - reference, user education, electronic sources.

·         Collection Development - included workshops in online materials selection.

·         Special Collections - rare books, manuscripts & archives, prints & photographs. 

·         Online Searching - Dialog, First Search, WWW, CD-ROM materials. 

·         Archives Management - organization, administration and use of institutional archives.

        Special Courses:   

·         Institute on Special Collections at the Library of Congress - topic research across collections (rare books, manuscripts, prints and photographs, film, maps, sound   recording).   

·         Seminar in Archival Research and Sources - students carry out original research at the National Archives, College Park, producing subject guides to sources and research paper.   

·         Courses include major projects that emphasize student understanding and use of information analysis, evaluation, interpretation and use, and focus on current issues.


Assistant Professor, 1994
School of Library and Information Studies
University of Hawaii at Manoa  

Collection Development and Management

Electronic Reference Services

Adjunct Faculty, 1990-1994
School of Communication, Information and Library Service
Rutgers University.  Information Sources and Services


Library Faculty and Administration


Assistant Professor, Head Collection Management
Adelphi University, Garden City Long Island, 1990-1993.   


Consultant to the Library of Congress, 1989-90
Developed collections and programs to heighten public awareness of the significance and relevance of collection working on focused cross collection projects and exhibits.

Director, Talbott Library and Media Center 
Westminster Choir College, Princeton, New Jersey, 1988-90.

Curator/ Researcher

Curator of Musical Instruments and the Dayton C. Miller Collection

Library of Congress, 1982-83 
This world renowned collection consists of about 2,000 musical instruments, 12,000  books, 10,000 musical scores, 3,000 music iconography prints and engravings, manuscripts, archival documents, and photographs (glass negatives to modern  prints).  Responsible for administration of the collections, public services, cataloging, conservation, exhibitions and outreach programs.


Arts Administration

Associate Director of Musical Instruments, Phillips Auction House, N.Y., 1987-88
Located and cataloged instruments for auction, wrote catalog, carried out research.


General Manager, Virginia Festival of the Performing Arts, 
Norfolk, Virginia, 1979 and 1980
Planning and administration of the festival, including public relations (TV and press),  programming, special events, fund-raising, grants (wrote successful NEA grant for the Joffrey Ballet, and a federal chamber orchestra grant).


Director of the Virginia Woodwind Quintet
Prepared, organized and performed music appreciation concerts for public schools.

Principal flute, Virginia Symphony.


College and University Teaching in Music

Head Woodwind Department, Lehman College, CUNY, 1978-79

Teaching responsibilities: music appreciation, woodwind methods for music education,

sight-singing and dictation, performed on faculty recitals. 


Faculty, Manhattan School of Music, 1979
Taught graduate course in music criticism.


Professional Performing Engagements - a sampling:
Solo recitals and lecture-concerts featuring original instruments and documents.
Principal flute for National tour of Fiddler on the Roof, 1981-82
Principal flute, Norfolk Symphony, 1979-81
Principal flute: New Jersey Symphony, 1975-79

Principal; North Carolina Symphony and Flute faculty, UNC Chapel Hill
Free-lance musician: NYC Ballet, Festival of Solerno, Royal & Stuttgart Ballets


Publications prior 1998, not listed.