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The Information field is at the heart of the digital revolution and today's computational culture.  From GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), and the digital culture of daily life  permeating all factets of human existence, it brings together, as its foundation, information, communication and computing.  This dymanic convergence and its impacts on the arts and society is the focus of my research and teaching.

Giannini focuses her research on digital culture across GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), information/communication theory and practice, digital art and information, digital information behavior, and digital life. As a cross disciplinary researcher, Giannini draws on her research in musicology as a leading expert in French musical wind instruments and archival research adding dimensionality making connections with the performing arts. 

Giannini speaking at KCL Symposium-2016

Dr. Tula Giannini
is a tenured full Professor, serving as Dean of Pratt Institute, School of Information from
2004-2017. During her tenure as Dean, through her leadership and vision, Dr. Giannini transformed the School from the School of Information and Library Science to the School of information - and during this period, from a standard LIS School to one that now aligns with the Institute's focus on the arts, humanities, digital art and culture.  To achieve this, she designed and introduced innovative new programs: Advanced Certificate in Archives 2004; Advanced Certificate in Museum Libraries 2005 (the first and only such program); Dual Master's with Digital Arts (MSLIS & MFA DA) 2008 (received and innovation award from NASED); MS Museums and Digital Culture 2015 (the first and only such program); Advanced Certificate in Conservation and Digital Curation 2016 (the first such program), and the Concentrations: Literacy, Education & Outreach (LEO) 2006, and Digital Cultural Heritage 2010.  A pioneer in cultural informatics and developing this context for graduate education, Dr. Giannini successfully gained IMLS funding to support four grants for programs to prepare information professionals for the digital age: GATEWAI (Graduate Archives Training and Education, Work and Information- M-LEAD-I (Museum Library Education and Digitization) and M-LEAD II, and CHART (Cultural Heritage: Access, Research and Technology); this project produced the Brooklyn Visual Heritage Website housed at the Brooklyn Public Library. To support these programs and projects, she introduced hands-on experiential learning pedagogy transforming the School's lecture classrooms into seminar/labs including the iLab for Digital Culture, the Cultural Informatics Lab and the Research Seminar Lab. She introduced and coordinates the London Summer Program - The Arts and Digital Culture in partnership with King's College London (KCL), Department of Digital Humanities DDA) which grows out of our shared educational and research interests and that of our students., and in collaboration with the EVA London Conference.

Dr. Giannini holds a PhD in historical musicology from Bryn Mawr College, an MLS from Rutgers University, and a BM and MM from the Manhattan School of Music. Before coming to Pratt in 1998, She was a fulltime Assistant Professor at Catholic University leading their programs in archives and special collections. She has served on the faculty of the LIS programs at Rutgers University and the University of Hawaii. She was Curator of Musical Instruments at the Library of Congress, Director of the Talbot Library at Westminster Choir College, and Head of Collection Management at Adelphi University.  Her research focuses on museums and libraries in the digital world taking an interdisciplinary approach across information science, computing, digital arts and humanities.
An interdisciplinary researcher across the fields of information science, computing, arts and humanities, she focuses on digital culture and digital information behavior in museums and libraries.  An important aspect of her work studies users of information in real and virtual environments, art and digital information and their intersections and interactions. Her recent publications are concerned with digital life and culture, connecting art and information, and the digital self as expressed in her papers, "Digitalism: The New Realism "and, "Curating Digital Life and Culture: Art and Information."  She is recognized researcher and scholar in French musical wind instruments and performance, an expertise that contributes to her teaching and research in terms of performing arts, archival and special collections. Her publications in musicology include some 24 articles in The New Grove Dictionary of Music (Grove Music Online), the book, Great Flute Makers of France, described in Choice as "a model of archival research for all graduate students," first published in English and then in Japanese in 2007, the book chapter, "Frédéric Triebert (1813-1878), Designer of the Modern Oboe," Pendragon Press, 2006, and the JAMIS article, The Raoux Family of Master Horn Makers in France: New Documents and Perspectives, 2014. 


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IMLS Grants by Tula Giannini:

2012-2014: M-LEAD-TWO (Museum Libraries, Education and Digitization - Technology-Web-Online - $261.97.00

2010-2013: CHART (Cultural Heritage, Access, Research and Technology) - $971,404.00

2008-2011: M-LEAD-1 (Museum Libraries, Education and Digitization) - $946,325 

2010-2013: CHART (Cultural Heritage, Access, Research and Technology) - $971,404.00

2005-2008: GATEWAY (Graduate Archives Training & Education, Work and Information) - $591,206


Pratt SI faculty and students at ALISE Montreal, 2013

Pratt SI faculty & students at ASIST Conference, Montreal, 2013

Historical Musicology:

Frédéric Triebert (1813-1878), Designer of the Modern Oboe: Newly Found Archival Documents Featuring the Inventory and Auction of his Musical Instrument Enterprise in Liber Amicorum Isabelle Cazeaux Symbols, Parallels and Discoveries in Her Honor, The Festschrift Series No.19, Pendragon Press.  April 2005.

The Music Library of Jean-Baptiste Christophe Ballard, Sole Music Printer to the King of France, 1750 Inventory of his Grand Collection Brought to Light.  2003 Indexed in RILM ; 

When Private Libraries and Lives Converge.  2005

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Jacques Hotteterre le Romain and His Father, Martin: A Re-Examination Based on Recently Found Documents.  Early Music, Oxford University Press, Vol. 21, No. 3, French Baroque II. (Aug., 1993), pp. 377--395.

Current Courses

LIS 698 - Practicum/ Seminar

LIS-697 London Summer School with King's College London, Department of Digital Humanities - The Arts & Digital Culture

Curriculum Vitae
Tula in Florence with Pratt SI summer program