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What We Do

Albino Rhino Designs exists to help you meet your Print, Web and Communication Graphic Design needs. Albino Rhino Designs can handle all your graphic design projects from something small as a business card to a complete conference campaign; from a web presence to a full e-commerce web site. All projects are handled by our professional team - not just one or two people. Email us a description of your project and we will reply with a free quote within 48 hours. Albino Rhino Designs is here to keep you and your business Right On Point.

The Albino Rhino Herd

Rare. Distinctive. Charged-up. Savvy. Visionary.
Buck-wild. Gung-ho. Toughed skinned.
Creative. Experienced.
Wise. Risk takers.
Roamed the planet and still alive. Magical. We exist to keep others from going extinct.
To extend the boundaries of what is possible
while keeping the scope of work
within the line of vision.

Keeping you Right On Point:

Bruce Dodge - Conceptual. Confident. Creative. Bold. Walks the edge...without question, without fear. Compassionate. Real. Keeps the fire alive. Artist. Down like that.

Marc Audette - Witty. Wise. Carries the amazing ability to see the weird and the sane...that the road the two travel don't stray too far from one another. Intelligent like that. Thoughtful with a touch of insanity...an artist.

Karen Tiedemann - Persistent. Intense. What a strange combination. Definitely an artist...

Ron Lee - Conceptual thinker. Open minded. Team player. Somewhere between the third dimension and reality...quite the artist.

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