This website was created by students from the Introduction to Information Technologies course at the Pratt Institute's graduate program in Library and Information Science.

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Marc Castellini


Library/Information Science and Art History Program

Marc is finishing his second semester in the Information Science program at Pratt. He studied contemporary art and theater at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and is now working towards a career in arts or academic librarianship. For this project he primarily focused on outlining and writing the Home and About sections of the website.

Arushi Jaiswal


Information Experience Design Program

With a background in the exciting fields of communication, marketing and fashion, Arushi is an aspiring UX Designer/Researcher. Currently enrolled in the MS in Information Experience Design Program at Pratt School of Information she enjoys designing engaging experiences and solutions for the users to the best of her abilities.For this project she primarily worked on the Disabilities and Assisitive Technology sections.

Hanyu Zhang


Information Experience Design Program

Hanyu is from the China. This is his first semester in the Information Experience Design program at Pratt. His goal is to be a UX designer. For this project he primarily focused on outlining and writing the Challenges and Trends sections of the website.


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